Stop Laughing, I’m Not Done

When LSD Riders first came out in 2006, I struggled to find the words to describe the video to friends; 4 years later, it’s still just as difficult. Bloody, graphic and borderline exploitative, this is easily the most fucked-up bike video ever produced. Where else will you see someone fire out a kinked rail, followed by someone shooting up in broad daylight?

This video came out during the height of Jackass’ popularity, and somehow, Dave Krienke was able to gain some national notoriety with his LSD clips, selling footage to cable outlets like MTV and Spike. However, the stunts of Bam and Knoxville seemed downright wholesome compared to eating fireworks & stabbing yourself in the foot (with a sword, no less) while under the influence of high-grade hallucinogens. The riding is par for the course for that era; fufs, sprocket chunks and ledge feebles make up a good portion of the clips, but lets face it; this video isn’t infamous due to the BMX footage. Krienke passed away a few years back, and after you watch this, you might not be surprised.

Suffice to say, this video is not for the faint of heart; if you want the trippy vibe without footage of the tripping itself, check elsewhere.

Brien Kielb

bad knees, palm trees, nascar, pool drain, die-cut, light carve, wizard smoke, thrashard