Steven Hamilton Photo

Steven Hamilton

This photo was shot at The New England Chowda Jam last fall. Think of it as the northeast version of Texas Toast. The event was a culmination of DIY and New England attitude. Ramps were brought to a parking lot, some ramps more unique than others… As soon as I saw the giant spoon I knew I wanted to shoot a photo on it. I bothered one of my friends to either tire ride it or feeble it. Due to the bizarre nature of the obstacle, my friend declined. However, by chance, Steven Hamilton rode by and asked if I wanted to shoot a photo of a pedal feeble on the spoon. Needless to say my head exploded. I had spent my formative years rushing home from school to watch “Can I Eat?” before riding with my buddies. Now I was holding my dream camera and shooting a photo with Steven Hamilton.

There was something else that day. Steven’s riding had changed since the days of “Can I Eat?” However, watching Steven ride that afternoon you could tell the spark had come back. There was a pep to his step, a zig to his zag, he was riding at a professional level again. Flash forward 6 months and he is still at it. His Dig interview was so good. Then his part in Animal’s QSS 5 showed Steven producing professional level riding. His part has that very same “I have to see that again” draw that his previous sections had. I suppose the purpose behind this post is to show you a picture of a giant spoon and to say ‘thank you’ to Steven for the photo. Welcome back, man!

Bryan Tarbell

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