Shepard Fairey

Ralph Stollenwerf, of Awesome dudes Screen printing was visited this weekend by none other than Shepard Fairey…

From Ralph’s Site
“We had a very exciting day last Friday, when Shepard Fairey and his crew came by the print shop to put up a mural on the outside of our building, it’s huge! about 11ft high x 23ft long…Fairey and crew came down to Philly to do 2 murals with the Mural Arts Program (one is on the Rocket Cat Coffee Shop in Fishown and the other at 26th and Girard)…We had the wall prepped early Friday afternoon by Joe Konrad (All Day Construction) and Frank Santonastasi (Famous Frank) with helping hands from Jesse ‘Jambox’ Johnston and ‘Tall’ Lee Schnelle…the OBEY Posse showed up about 7pm and worked non-stop for just about 4 hours pasting the mural…the whole experience was amazing, Shepard was super nice and let us pick out the main artwork for the wall, which of course we went for the Misfits/OBEY fiend skull as the main focus…on Saturday we put the first coat of Poly over the artwork to protect it from the elements… I’m still star-struck from meeting Shepard, I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time now…extra special thanks to ‘Semi-Famous’ Bill McRight for setting this whole thing up, thanks buddy.”

Check Ralph’s Least Most Piece here.

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