Print is dead!

The debate between Print Media and It’s online counterparts, seems be a topic discussed more often online than anywhere else. The idea that Print is dead, is fine by me, and can hang out with the age old catch phrases- Disco’s not dead, it just sucks real bad…” or “punk’s dead- your next”.
Regardless, the independent spirit, and the DIY ethic will never die, and with that, I am glad to bring up several new print zines of stellar presence, Born Ugly Mag, HoleShot, and most recently Case Magazine out of the UK. All filled with original content, great photos and layouts, and done out of a labor of love, rather than as an attempted return on investment.
Check out these sites-
Born ugly Mag
Case Magazine
and learn more about creativity, execution, and awesomeness!

Lee Sizemore

Quick off the gate, bmx encyclopedia, triple traps, bermshots, shot glasses