Matt Conner, pre Crash.

Least Moster, Matt Conner seperated his shoulder riding some dirt jumps, so we asked him to tell us about 3 albums to listen to while stoned on pain meds… Here is his report-
Everybody knows injuries are the worst by-product of bmx. Time off of the bike, especially early in the season, right when the line is starting to run really well can be downright frustrating. The “up” side to getting hurt is going to the ER and getting painkillers, which for me don’t really relieve any pain, but make me much less concerned about it. After my recent trip to the ER for a separated ac ligament in my left shoulder after a perfectly executed case to shoulder digger to scorpion, I was looking for a soundtrack to a day home from work getting faded on Loritab, and I came up with these three albums to get me through the afternoon.

Funkadelic-"Maggot Brain" for the title track alone, which is one of the best guitar freak-outs ever put on tape. Eddie Hazel is a monster.

Witchcraft-"The Alchemist" total revisionist 70's drug rock from some dudes from Sweden. More Pentagram than Sabbath with some elements of "Fun House" era Stooges.

Spacemen 3-"Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To" no brainer. This is one of the most psychedelic records there has ever been, and listening to it while being swallowed by a couch just seems right.

So there you have it. If you go on injured reserve, make sure you rest up so you can heal up and get back to effing it up. Some painkillers and some good tunes your injury won’t make your injury get better, but you’ll be much less concerned about it.
-Matt Conner

Lee Sizemore

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