Hot or not?

We asked a few Least Mosters to give their 10 hot/nots for the new year. Some kept it positive, some kept it sarcastic. Get your decoder rings on…

Hat tip to the de Jong’s who’ve been doing Rad vs Lame forever.

Rob Tibbs

  1. Hot: back rail fufs 1st try
    Not: hang fives that take 104 trys
  2. Hot: street riding
    Not: street riding at the skatepark
  3. Hot: drunk texting
    Not: reading them the next day
  4. Hot: anthem 2
    Not: web edits
  5. Hot: high fives
    Not: horn bumps
  6. Hot: cases
    Not: 12 packs
  7. Hot: flat black
    Not: neon
  8. Hot: dollar store beanies
    Not: monster new eras
  9. Hot: summer
    Not: winter
  10. Hot: sean burns doing the cemetery gap
    Hotter: sean burns doing the cemetery gap four fucking times!

Steve Crandall

  1. Hot: 4 loko
    Not: Alcoholics Anonymous
  2. Hot: Twitter
    Not: Talking to people in real life
  3. Hot: Spot finders and Google earth
    Not: the thrill of the hunt!
  4. Hot: Monster Energy Drink New Eras
    Not: Wigs
  5. Hot: Stacking Clips
    Not: Stacking lips
  6. Hot: Poaching
    Not: Building your own fun
  7. Hot: Web Vids, Blogs, iPads, tumblr, etc…
    Not: This Is united, Surfin for the ugly Broads, Anthem, Holeshot, Case, JNKFD, etc…
  8. Hot: Following the herd
    Not: out of step
  9. Hot: taking yourself too serious
    Not: wearing clown costumes
  10. Hot: the price of gas
    Not: the economy

Jason Morris

  1. Hot: dig
    Not: wax
  2. Hot: build
    Not: complain
  3. Hot: brakes
    Not: sneakers in tire
  4. Hot: kindle
    Not: bookshelf
  5. Hot: valentine1
    Not: tickets
  6. Hot: deck manual
    Not: deck monkey
  7. Hot: roth max
    Not: credit max
  8. Hot: howard stern
    Not: music in the am
  9. Hot: @empirebmx rants
    Not: normal sleep pattern
  10. Hot: less
    Not: more

Derek Adams

  1. Hot: The Mustache
    Not: The Goatee
  2. Hot: Rainbow colored bikes
    Not: Pad sets and numberplates
  3. Hot: Laptop DJ’s
    Not: Playing an instrument
  4. Hot: Copy & Paste
    Not: Do it yourself
  5. Hot: My Crew
    Not: The Posse
  6. Hot: Spicy Habanero Sauce
    Not: Ketchup
  7. Hot: Mega Ramps
    Not: Mini Ramps
  8. Hot: Big business
    Not: Grass roots
  9. Hot: Rails
    Not: Trails
  10. Hot: Reality TV
    Not: Reality

Nick Ferreira

  1. Hot: Elk Zines & Books
    Not: The current state of BMX mags
  2. Hot: Burritos & Pizza
    Not: expensive food
  3. Hot: Shitty skateparks
    Not: perfectly sculpted training facilities
  4. Hot: Scrappin bikes
    Not: dialed bikes
  5. Hot: Teenage party spots in the woods
    Not: Goin to the bar
  6. Hot: JNCO’s and Sulats
    Not: Levis 511 and fades
  7. Hot: Riding with people you have been riding with since you were thirteen
    Not: jocking the “good” riders
  8. Hot: One night camping trips
    Not: Spending forever on the road. I got Law and Order/ The Wire/ things to do!
  9. Hot: FBM Gypsy frame
    Not: FBM Deployer
  10. Hot: The United States Postal Service
    Not: Email

Jackson Allen

  1. Hot: Urban Camping (I opt for the sleeping in the camper shell of a truck, but you can get as grimy as you want)
  2. Hot: Fancy beers in a can (Fat tire, Dales etc. Nothing wrong with bad beer in a can too, but now you can get fancy in the woods and packing your trash is a cinch. Awesome date beer.)
  3. Hot: x-ups (always on my hot list, but I was kinda planning on doing a bunch this year. Every variation thereof is also fun. Well, with the exception of x-up rides, I think I have weak elbows)
  4. Hot: Head lamps (My friend Mike calls them tweaker lights. You have a flashlight and both of your hands free. Perfect. Goes well with numbers one and two.)
  5. Hot: Paper airplanes (Make sure you use recycled paper (bills, junk mail, etc.) Google some bad ass designs. Draw flames on that shit to make it go fast. Go to the top of something tall. Or have a friend throw one down a hill and try to race it on a bike. Totally worth it.)
  6. Hot: The Least Most (it’s having a birthday. Birthdays are hot.)
  7. Hot: Grooveshark (Not sure how this is still free. Like pandora but it doesn’t suck. You pick your music. You listen for free. It just lives on the internet.)
  8. Hot: TRAILS
  9. Hot: Hiking (sometimes its good to move slow)
  10. Hot: Kiwis (the fruit. High in Vitamin C, Tasty)
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