Black Lips

“The Black Lips are grimy and disheveled, clever and infectious, it’s a sloppy heap of classic pop, psychedelic haze, spastic rock, and teenage disaffection mixed to lo-fi imperfection in some kid’s filthy garage.” I stole that from the Boston Globe, I’m not a writer, but that’s what I’d say. The Atlanta, Georgia-based garage rock revivalists established their reputation in the early 00’s with a live act that bordered on the fringes of legality, and indeed led the band to being banned from several venues in their home state. Although the show at Johnny Brendas in Philadelphia wasn’t as crazy as I’ve heard they can be, the show was still nuts. Everyone was jumping around. The floor was flexing so much I stood by the bar because it seemed like it was going to cave in any second. Beer, cups and people were flying everywhere. The guitarist even dove across the bar and started drinking out of the tap right next to me in the middle of a song. Its been a while since I saw a band and their fans with so much raw energy. Do yourself a favor and go see em if they’re nearby. You won’t be disappointed, unless you hate fun.
-Bob Myers

This would make a perfect bmx video song. Has anyone used it yet?
Here’s some video from the Philly show on Saturday. You can tell they’re getting loose. “More beer in my monitor please.”

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