Winter Skatepark Gallery

Every year the reality of winter sets in. For riders in the Northeast this can mean a number of things. Ditching the bike and hitting the slopes, setting yourself up on your favorite bar stool, or packing up the car and driving to your indoor skatepark. Warmer weather is right around the corner. It is time to get ready for it.

Kyle Hibbard scrubbing the snow off the side of his shoe in the now relocated yet world famous Little Devil bowl.

Here Kyle Muggeo leans into a table on the hip.

After driving over an hour through rain, snow, sleet and the local Starbucks Ryan Souva still had the energy for this foot jam at East Shore Skatepark.

Cabin fever can lead to some questionable decisions. Paul Bucholtz drove across New York State on I-90 to do this one footed x-up and watch his friends drink four loko.

We still aren't too sure what to call this. Some are adamant that it is a flair others consider it a flat spin 540. Either way Alex Capalongo makes them look good.

You may have seen a photo of Kyle Hibbard doing a toboggan on the site before. There is a good reason for that.

Joel Barnett of FBM fame was able to pencil in enough time to do this stretched no footed can-can in between his travels.

Kyle Hibbard feeling out a new obstacle far above the deck of the box.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.