Trails Photo Gallery

Every fall, trail builders get to fully enjoy the fruits of their labor. There’s nothing better than cruising through a line that you’ve spent all summer dialing. Here’s a montage of trail photos I’ve shot in the Northeast this year.

Chris Hancock and John Lee took two separate lines to meet at this table top in the middle. Endwell, NY.

John Lee toboggan. Endwell, NY.

Chris Hancock look back. Endwell, NY.

Kyle Hibbard coming through the jungle. Endwell, NY.

Ryan Hoey .com coming around a berm on his home turf. Panamoka, LI.

John Lee with a proper no footed can-can. Endwell, NY.

Kyle Hibbard with a look down. Allentown, PA.

Mike Trawicki, aka “Opie” on Gypsy Tour. Providence, RI.

Kyle Hibbard enforcing the argument that toboggans are a trail trick. Endwell, NY.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.