this next one’s a cover…

Neutron Rats covering Anti-Cimex.Neutron Rats taking on Anti-Cimex.

Albany has a long-standing tradition of organizing an annual show entitled “Ghosts of Hardcore Past”, where local bands emulate their influences. Some people go over the top in recreating the look & sound of their chosen band, others just use it as an excuse to get drunk & make noise. No matter what the lineup, this is always one of the most fun & well-attended shows of the year, and 2010’s installment was one of the best yet.

Die High did Hatebreed’s Under The Knife EP in its entirety.

The Girls of Porn doing the weirdest Bad Brains covers you’ve ever heard.

The Wessels covering The Adolescents.

Pointblank as The Dead Boys.

…with liberty and Testors for all.

more Dead Boys.

Damnation Alley, channelling Phil & Dime for the Pantera set.

Brien Kielb

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