The Trick: Trevor Ashworth

There are certain spots that practically beg for a certain trick. This rail in Albany, New York is no stranger to coverage. That being said, sometimes you have to think out side of the box. When I originally brought this up to Trevor, it was more of a joke than anything. Despite that, it got the wheels turning in his head. This photo is from the first roll we shot on this rail. It was also the closest.

Trevor got the plant, slid the rail, however, at the bottom he dabbed a foot. For the next couple years we would sporadically head back to this spot and try to get it clean. This is one of the scariest things I have shot. As it turns out, it is especially hard fast-planting a barrier onto a rail. Trevor took his share of near misses, and full on hits working on this.

The last time we tried for the photo, Trevor got especially hurt. It was about this time we realized he had already gotten it, sometimes it is just about riding away.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.