Surfin With Bone Deth

By now most BMXers are familiar with Bone Deth and the events that they have hosted in the past few years. Now the guys behind Bone Deth,  Sean Burns and Shajn Raines, are taking BMX vids a step further with “Surfing for the Ugly Broads”.  I had a chance to attend the Sneak Preview at Mauls Bike Shop a few weeks ago. The Bone Deth crew took their time and went all out to give us this solid DVD with plenty of laughs and excitement. Get ready boys and girls, I can assure you this vid is pure entertainment from start to finish.  Zombies, Boobs, Parties, BMX, and Bone Deth!!! 
Here are few questions I asked Sean and Shajn about the new video:

First off I want to say that you guys did an amazing job on the video, congrats. 
-Thank you Im glad you liked it.

SftUB has a 60s B-movie feel to it. Were there any classic movies you guys were watching that influenced what you were doing?
- Street Trash hahaha, movies in general, weird movies we find funny. Also just music in general I think influenced the video more so then other movies I guess it was 50 50 though in the end.

By todays standards, there weren’t many “moves” but there were many impressive “stunts”.  You seemed to set a new standard with “Surfin for the…” by not including big tricks but somehow keeping it so exciting. ….Can you comment on that?
- I think what we are doing is “Big Moves” were moving our ass over shit. I don’t know thats just the way the team progresses their riding, instead of learning new tricks just ride bigger stuff do the 
stuff you know on bigger set ups. Its hard sometimes to find the set-ups your looking for though.

 How long has the vid  been it the works for? Was there ever a point in the filming process where you thought that the vid would not get finished?
 -For two years we have been filming, i don’t think we ever thought it wouldn’t get finished just that it would be later rather than sooner. That kind of happened in a way with everyone getting really broke off for the video.

For those out there that dont know there is an additional film that comes with the DVD, What’s it all about?
-Its like a D quality film of weird shits and giggles from people we know and work with and what not. Not really a movie but it is and it has no plot or makes any sense I don’t know its to weird to even talk about. 

Will you continue make films in the future?
 -Yes we are gonna be making a music video for this band the dirty fences in the future there out of NY as far film projects and working on numerous other bmx videos and another bone deth video of course in the future.

The Premiere…

What’s next for Bone Deth, trips, events, more?
- Good question were still finishing up this video so its hard to say trips for sure, riding filming, being weird, also we are through sparky’s distribution now so all our soft goods as well as the video can be purchased through them hit em up for the goodies. So i guess cooler things to come with everything were doing. Stay Posted and Stay Gold 1 million Dollars.

( Interview by Vic Bettencourt)

Bone Deth ‘Surfin’ For The Ugly Broads’ The Movie Trailer from babysabbath on Vimeo.

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