Ryan Scott Photo Gallery

Ryan Scott is a Philadelphia area photographer. I have actually known him for awhile via the internet. This summer I had the pleasure of crossing paths with him a couple of times at two very important Pennsylvania trail jams. Ryan was gracious enough to throw together a photo gallery for us chock full of strong images. Like what you see? Take a look at RyanScottPHOTO.com and TheLastPeople.com for more work.

Like a lost puppy, this tabletop doesn't currently belong to anyone. It was found at the Catty trails at the end of the summer of 2010. If you know who the owner is please let The LeastMost know immediately.

If you don't know, now you know. Derek Brower has been better than everyone before you could tabletop. You won't ever hear him say that because he's such a modest, down to earth dude, but when you see him ride you know he's amazingly talented on his bike. Here he whips it sideways over a hefty set at Catty.

Justin nose manualed this platform a couple times but not before hitting the eject button a few times.

After spending 10 hours riding Ray's MTB park the day before and a late night of festivities that night this photo shouldn't really have happened. Everyone was beat and half of our crew had already started the trek back home to PA. Jon Vozzo mustered up the strength to blast and I'm thankful for it. This is photo is one of 3 that I shot because I couldn't force myself to stop riding Ray's the day before to open up my camera bag.

Mike Swift used that 2 inch speed bump to launch him onto this 50 inch high ledge. Mike doesn't believe in math.

Paul Horan left the packed cement skatepark in York, PA to solo session this rail. He didn't get snaked once.

Look closely at this photo and you'll see Amos Beury blasting through a tree transferring from the line on the right to the landing on the left. Amos is one of the main people responsible for the Beury Patch trails in Lock Haven, PA and he's got every line dialed. The day after this was shot he headed out to Travis Pastrana's house to help build a ridiculous bowl/ramp setup, which, if you're unaware, is one of the raddest jobs ever.

Justin Care is a street killer and is awesome to shoot photos with. He's like a rider and assistant all in one. When we're done shooting, half of my stuff is packed up before I even get back to my camera bag. Solid dude.

I'd trade every single thing I can do on my bike to go as high as Jon Vozzo goes on absolutely everything. Here he's making new friends with the rafters in the barn where this ramp is. Jon's also a large part of The Last People, a collaborative online BMX and art mag that's definitely worth checking out.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.