Motoscumming Across America!

Most people don’t even think about riding their motorcycle in the winter, but Brad “Puck” Byrne deciced to ride his CB1000 cross country in search of warmer temperatures, good friends, and good times… in the dead of winter. I caught up with Puck the day of his departure and asked him a couple questions…

Year/make/model– 1994 Honda CB1000, 59,200

Is that considered a crotch rocket? No, it’s a naked street bike

Any mods? Not really, shit strapped all over with bungees, FBM double Fister grips, an internal handlebar storage unit…

Why are you riding cross country in January? Because it’s cold as shit in VA and I want to head somewhere warm, I decided to quit my job and that happened to be in the winter, and Id like to make it to South By Southwest in Austin (isn,t that in April!?!)

Cross country by way of? Atlanta, Nola, Austin, the desert, Pheonix, San Diego. Maybe a quick stop in Mexico… Id like to smuggle an immigrant or two

Essential travel item? Cameras. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Puck loaded up headed out, with the temerature at a crisp 32 degrees, towards a gun show in rural VA. You can keep up with his travels at Pucks Not Dead dot com.