Lost Bowl Gallery

Shooting a film camera admittedly has its drawbacks. Especially in regard to how quickly you can get film processed and scanned. Within days, there were a couple of excellent galleries:

Ryan Scott’s photo gallery on Collateral

Nick Steben’s at BMX Union

After checking out those galleries, take a look at some photos I shot the weekend of 4/20. It was an absolute blast to see old friends and drink a beer on the roof of a school bus. I even got to drop in on the bowl myself.

I am pretty sure that when Garrett Byrnes was doing this table, “It’s Grey” was playing on the radio.

Matty Aquizap
Matty Aquizap letting one rip out of the deep end.

Jake Honesto
Jake Honesto had these tire slides from the deep end to the shallow end figured out all day.

Garret Guilliams
Garrett is entirely way too comfortable with opposite airs and it is awesome.

Matty Aquizap
This transfer Matt was doing was so good. From the shallow end of the kidney, over the hip, into the deep end of the pool.

Dean Dickinson
Seeing Dean ride in his natural habitat is truly awesome. It is like seeing Brian Foster at Catty.

Garrett Guilliams
It wasn’t until later in the day that Garrett Guilliams started airing this thing with his natural rotation. This was a pocket air around the corner of the deep end.

Matty Aquizap
Finally, Matt Aquizap with a classic table out of the deep end.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.