Gainesville Fest part 2

Wrapping up the Fest , the final day of Halloween weekend 2009…

This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, at the Common Ground.

Q and A with Tony Foresta- (No Friends, Municipal Waste…)

1. What’s the Fest all about? ( in your interpretation)
For me its about meeting up with good friends from all over the place and going to see some killer bands as well. Each year get’s more and more meaningful to me because you know that it may be the only chance that year that your going to be able to see people and bands that you really care about.

2. Can you tell us about playing at the fest, and was this your first time?
I’ve played 3 gigs at the fest. 2 with Municipal Waste and 1 with No Friends. I’ve never played a set there I didn’t love. There is a different vibe to these shows than your average punk gig. Not to sound like a hippie but there genuinely is a positive energy with the fest that you just cant get anywhere else. It must be from all that beer going around.

3. Any outrageous moments you’d like to share?
I really liked the year we (Municipal Waste) dressed up for our gig in our Halloween costumes. I dressed up as a gay Klu Klux Klan member. I thought it was going to be pretty offensive but nobody cared. Ganesville has changed a lot over the past 8 years.

4. Any Bands that stood out to you or got you stoked?
This year I really enjoyed Banner Pilot, 7 seconds, Virgins and of course Asshole Parades set is always a great time.

5. were there any bands you hadn’t seen that you got excited about?
I would have to say that Worlds blew me away. They were so punishing. I wasn’t expecting the ass kicking I recieved.

6. Shoutouts?
Great job Cam and Tony! Get Tegan and Sara and DRI to play next year…together!

No Friends, at Market Street.

Samiam, Last Night of the Fest, at the Venue!

Long Drive Home… The End!

Check to see whats up for next year.

Lee Sizemore

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