Catching Up: Bobby Fisher

When I was approached about doing this, my first thought was, ‘I don’t think Bobby knows how much of a legend he is.’ And maybe that is what is so good about ol’ Robert Lee Fisher…he’s been humble since the day I met him. We’ve known each other since my days in middle school when I would skate and he would ride flat and do sprocket chunks on anything he could find. Coverage always seemed to find Bobby, be it the local paper, a photo in a magazine or a small part in a Baco video riding a Homeless Soul Bro that sort of catapulted this whole thing for him. The salad days on Standard were fun and fast…and when it was over, Bobby just went back to busting tires and helping run the family business. But BMX is still intertwined in much of what Bobby does. Riders work at the tire shop that bears his name (hell, even Alex Magallan worked there for a summer) and if there is a bike with pegs nearby, Bobby will bust out some flatland moves in the bays during lulls in the action. These days he does more camping and howling at the moon than riding, but he still gets around town on a twenty inch. He’s been a good friend not just to me, but to southern BMX. And if you find yourself at Fisher Tire, ask Bobby to check your Fetzer valve.

1. If you had to do it all over again, would you say anything to the stunned Crandall when he dumped that ketchup on your shoe in Greenville, NC?

No, that was pretty funny though. That’s funny you remember that. That was forever ago.

2. Do you still hold a grudge against me for doing a shit job of filming for your part in “Standard Country”?

I hold no grudges. It was a good time filming Standard Country with you and the way it was edited it didn’t matter. My part was too long, though.

3. If you ever have kids, will you show them your Props bio, or will you have finished destroying all vcr’s by then?

Not unless they wanted to see it, I would probably show them some magazine shots or something instead. Hopefully I will still have a vcr because most of my bmx videos are on vhs. I only have like 3 or 4 bmx dvds. I guess I am old school.

4. Do you think you could have produced banging web-edits on the regular in your prime? Do you think that the new breed could put together a full-length part as opposed to the quick edits or is that a thing of the past?

I always hated long video parts, so web edits are better to watch. To me web edits would be more fun and less stressful. I might could have made a few decent ones. These kids are real good now I am sure they could put a full-length part together no problem.

5. If someone handed you a Shaman with a freecoaster, 4-inch pegs and six-piece bars, how many whiplashes could you do?

I did 11 once. Probably 3 or 4. That’s funny you ask that. I have been wanting to put a flatland bike back together for a while now. I think you just inspired me bro.

Thanks to Stephen Horrocks for the interview!

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