Bryce Toole and the Ripping Gypsy Trip

If you couldn’t already tell, we here at The Least Most are big fans of road trips; no matter if you’re moving via car, bike, bus or just hitching rides, discovering life outside of your hometown is something that everyone should experience. Traveling cross-country by bike is about as gnarly as it is impressive, so when we heard that Madera/Native shredder Bryce Toole would be leaving his Florida home to head out on an excursion he’s dubbed “The Ripping Gypsy Trip“, we had to check in with him first. Being the bastions of communication that we are, this interview is a mash-up of an emailer by Evan Venditti, and a sit-down with our own BK, with help from Casselberry Trails residents Aaron & Joey Juaristi.

Photos courtesy of Evan Venditti, Bryce Toole & Mike Cottle

Bryce Toole. If i catch a buzz, its Bruce.

Jack of all trades, but really enjoy landscaping.

Current Residence?
Sun Shine State.

You pedaled from PA to Florida last year on a BMX, how was that?
It was radical. My buddy Jeff Smee and I ripped. We ended up getting 850 miles under our belts and got to see and meet some radical people! Got me motivated to do this trip ill tell ya what.

Why puss out now and step up to the 26 incher?
It’s more, uhh, comical? Not comical. It makes more sense, that’s why they made MTB’s and road bikes with gears. It’s a lot safer too, I feel. I have the trailer, so I’m not wearing a backpack. It is a little easier, but I’m digging it.

Do you have a route planned or are you “freestyling” it?
Definitely freestyling it.

What are you planning on bringing with you? What is the most essential item to you?
Bringing a good amount of jazz. Camera, bmx, laptop, cooking stove, harmonica, just to name a few. Most essential????? The Gerber multi-tool hahaha.

Do you have a name for your bike & trailer?
I usually call the whole bicycle & bob trailer ‘The Rig’.

How long have you working on The Rig? I know you’ve been through a few bikes & trailers.
Dan Man Country Man, he does TIG welding; he’s been helping me out a lot. We actually built a trailer for the BMX trip, but it ended up failing & not working out. It’s probably been about 6 months in the making, as far as getting it all dialed in. Right now, it’s like a Hummer and I’m pumped.

Any custom mods to The Rig?
We cut into the rear of the rig so that my bmx wheel could fit instead of the 16inchr. One less thing to pack. And we modded up a bike rack for the bmx.

How much gear can The Rig handle, fully loaded?
They say the bob trailer can hold up to 70lbs; I believe it can hold more. I’m bringing the BMX, so there’s 28lbs, and then all my essentials, so it’s probably got almost 65-70lbs. Feels good though, it’s smooth

Is it true that a keg fits perfectly on the trailer?
That is true; a keg definitely fits perfect. I just have to find a long enough tap so I can rip the camelback.

What’s the highest blood/alcohol content you’ve had while operating The Rig?
Coming back from the Casselberry Trails, I was pretty tuned in and it wasn’t too hard to stay in the bike lane, but there were some close calls.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever slept?
Actually, it’d be the trip from Pittsburgh to Akron, Ohio. This was my first cycle trip, and it was with Bobby Valentine & Greg Smee. We camped out in this free skate park; it was a concrete, outdoor skate park. There was a big capsule, and we ended up camping there, and actually a lady bum, that’s where she was gonna sleep because it was raining. She ended up having to settle next door at this tennis court under a bench.

What roadside strategy do you employ when it’s time to shit in the woods?
Ooh, good question.(pauses) Umm, yeah… what was it again? What roads am I gonna be taking?

Nah, what strategy do you employ to shit in the woods?
Oh yeah, definitely just trying to find…. Well, an outhouse would be nice, but you know, trying to find a good hedge to duck behind and hopefully not get arrested. If it’s an emergency, hopefully the officer will understand.

Do you already have a list of girls to hook up with on the trip?
(laughs) Um, not as of this second. Hopefully some Australian ladies are on vacation here in the states; that’d be a first.

That’d be nice too. Hopefully they have a Brazilian wax, though (laughs)

You’re sleeping in the woods in Bumfuck, West Virginia, and a wolf attacks your tent. What do you do?
My protection is a Gerber multi-tool, and it’s got a pretty good blade, so I’d definitely just grab that and start ripping. Hopefully it doesn’t rip me.

How often do you plan on wearing button up shirts, shorts & cowboy boots while on the trip? (laughs)
Well, the cowboy boots I have to keep here, but I’m bringing my military boots, and those are just as gnarly. Rippin’ out the 31st with probably my Vans on, but the boots are definitely coming. Plaid button ups.

What has motivated you to travel via bicycle?
Ive been on a bicycle since I was a grom and I feel its a lifestyle. I havent had a vehicle for a good 2 years now and have been rippin via bicycle and feel up for the challenge to ripp cross country. I follow a few cycle blogs and they have been very motivating and I would love for my trip to do that for others!

Is there any way we can keep up with you adventures on the road?
Mos Def. I have a blog , also I am going to be sending updates to Madera and Brian Tunneys ESPN blog.

Words of wisdom?
You will be surprised what your capable of. Get out there and try something gnar.

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