Bikes check: Jason Stieg

Jason Stieg is responsible for one one the most influential trails scenes to date… PUSH trails(RIP). These days he can be found cruising aroung Pittsburg, PA on a couple different different two wheelers, lets check them out…

Loud Pipes save lives.

Jason Stieg, 36, Plumber, Pittsburgh, PA

What is it? ’06 Harley Street BOB

Miles? 10,000

Any mods? Cut the rear fender and moved the liscense plate, custom pipes, 16″ bars, aftermarket sissy bar(doubles as a bmx bike rack) and I stole these cattle horns from Leland Thurman

Longest ride? Probably this one, about a 1000 miles (PA to NC)

Bikes on bikes.. Stieg and Leland!

Frame? FBM Anthem 21″

Fork? Odyssey Dirt

Bars? Uhhhh, what are they… S&M Berringers?

Cranks? Profile

Wheels? Odyssey

FBM Anthem/Steadfast

Who cares about the small stuff… look at the picture. It was clear Jason hadn’t been caught up in the hype of having all the newest gear, he rode what worked and it was clear by his mash up of parts spanning the last 15 years. The massive Tioga comp 3 up front and the fact that he hadn’t had 9t cassette driver until days before this interview, reinforce to the old saying…”if it aint broke, dont fix it.”

Keep posted in the upcoming weeks, as we will be working on several additional ‘Bikes Checks’, and email us if you have anything to add…