Bike on bike action

Sometimes the job calls for two bikes, if so, here is a brief description of how I fashioned a bicycle carrier for the rear of my road bike. A bike with rack eyelets will make the job much easier, but any bike will do as long as a rear cargo rack can be installed.
This, like most things, is open for interpretation, this is how I did it. It started a front wheel carrier for a auto roof rack, basically flat stock aluminum mock fork that holds up to a 700c wheel. To attach this to the axle I purchased a DT Swiss 145mm quick release skewer to replace the old skewer(130mm). For the up rights I used 1/2 aluminum tubing(Lowes, etc…) and mounted them using 1/2″ rubber coated steel straps bolted to the reflector hanger at the rear center of the rack. At the lower portion I drilled and bolted to each side of the wheel carrier with the same straps. Keep in mind the lower this unit sits the better it will handle. Now for the anchor, a peice of alum. hollow square stock bolted to the end of the wheel carrier as a base for the fork anchor to sit on. The fork anchor can be purchased from any bike shop, they are used on roof racks, to hold bikes up in the back of a pickup truck, etc. The anchor bolts down the the top of the flat stock, and that is pretty much it, take your front wheel off, plug it in, and roll. Check hardware for tightness frequently and enjoy.

DIY Bike rack...

For photos from this creation check out this Article!


The Same rack system works on a moped as well…