Aaron Buckley

Aaron Shelby Buckley

20 fucking 3

How many years have you been riding?
I did my first one footer when i was 13, so I guess ten years.

How many years have you been shooting photos?
7 years i think.

What have you been shooting lately?
Pictures of my shitty friends, doing fun stuff. Life style stuff mostly. some professional jobs in between work, and some BMX stuff when people ask for it. I’d like to shoot more but working a 9 to 5 and having a bum knee prohibits the BMX end of things a little bit. (Side note: we just white faced my Filipino friend with baby powder )

First camera?
minolta maxxum 4000. I felt like such a bad-ass when i got it. I had no clue how to use it and i wasted a bunch of film trying to figure it out. Then minolta went out of business so the whole bad ass camera idea kind of went out the window.

First bike?
I know it was a diamondback because the local shop was a diamondback dealer. I had broken a few frames so my friend Ty (now roomate) gave me a haro mirra pro frame, I eventually broke that too. Right on the fat wishbone in the rear triangle. I’ve always been kind of a fat ass, so i break a lot of shit.

Where would you rather ride, street, park or trails?
Trails, bro.

Where would you rather shoot, street, park or trails?
street, i feel like you can have some way more creative shots on street. (that sounds super gay, but its true) Randy brown is probably the funnest dude to shoot with. Ive only shot a few times with him but he is super chill and always does cool shit. which makes my pics look way cooler than they probably actually are.

Would you like to tell us about where you are working these days?
I work at a small camera shop in downtown philly called Webbcam. Its funny, hood ass dudes come in all the time asking if we sell security cameras so they can spy on their girlfriends cheating on them.. They always tell us long ass stories and we just tell them that Webb refers to the owners last name. Incidentally a bad choice for a name of a camera store.

Being that you work in a small camera shop how is it competing with larger online retailers such as Adorama or B&H?
B and H and Adorama can suck a dick. They always have shit priced lower than we can buy it for. Moms come in asking for a camera, waste 2 hours explaining how it works, then they go buy it on the internet. It can ruin your day pretty fast.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
Waylon Jennings changed my life.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.