A Random Photo Gallery

So today I was going through some negatives from the summer. It is funny how fast they go by. As I was cruising through old rolls of film, I decided to put together a gallery for Least Most. Below are a collection of photos shot all over the place with my friends. Hope you enjoy.

James Nutter must have sent it around this rail a dozen of times at the FBM Post Apocolympics. One of these attempts shot him into the concrete to the right.

I actually shot this with Jake “Webster” Gayewski in the early spring. We pedaled from downtown to the North End of Boston. Jake lined this one up and fired it out first shot.

Trevor Ashworth and an icepick around the outside of the rail.

Meanwhile, in the South of France… Ben Jones cruises a casual vacation manual in Rodez.

Greg Bloss’ curved wallride in Quincy, MA.

Trevor Ashworth with a 180 to rail.

Ray Rankin with a tire slide in Stamford, CT.

Tobias Pettinelli all whipped out at Cumby trails.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.