For those who may not know, 6×6 is a format of film shot by medium format cameras. There is something about this increased film area that does something strange and wonderful for bmx and skate photographers. Once I realized those square pictures came from a certain funny camera, I knew I had to get one and start making my own. This gallery is a celebration of the larger, more-to-love film format.

This would the be oldest photo in the gallery. I shot this at the second Chowdaw Jam. The gauntlet was set up by the Bone Deth guys the night prior. Before they could arrive at the Jam the next day, this dude was taking rebel runs down the gauntlet.

I shot this with Jack Hartje at an abandoned swimming pool in the woods of upstate NY. Jack took a fall recently. Some sources described it as a freak pizza-eating accident. Heal up, Buddy!

Jake.Reid ice
Deep in Patriot country, Jake Reid wears a Steelers jersey that almost overshadows this rad ice pick grind.

Lee Hopkins was good enough to tell me about this spot over dumplings and PBR. That weekend, we trespassed our way to what has to be one of the craziest places I have been on a bike.

If you are not familiar with HCS, it is the playground of the infamous Derek Nelson. The ramps are truly unique. If you are not familiar with Kyle Hibbard, you may not realize how quickly he got this downside table.

David Harrison of Spooky cycles, FBM, and now Pedal Driven, took me out this summer to ride around his neighborhood. I guess he stumbled across this gem while walking Curtis.

Bryan Tarbell

A vegetarian Ron Swanson.