5’s with Dennis Enarson

Age – 18
Years Riding – for 8 years I think

Top 5 moments that surprised you this past year-
1. Getting knocked out and waking up in an ambulance
2. Seeing a toy bike with my name on it.
3. Watching my friend get his passport stolen then seeing us get it back in the freezing cold in northern Europe
4. Getting a signature frame with haro
5. Going to Spain to ride for a week and haveing it rain everyday besides 1 

Top 5 Overall Riders in the history of BMX-
1. Dennis McCoy 
2. Mat Hoffman 
3. Dave mirra
4. Jay mirron
5. Ron wilkerson

Top 5 travel destinations-
1. South Africa
2. Russia
3. Chilli
4. Cayman islands
5. Madagascar 

Top 5 current riders-
1. Garret Reynolds
2. Josh harrington
3. Drew Bazanson 
4. Chase hawk
5. Tj Ellis 
6. Steve Woodward. 
Sorry I couldn’t only pick 5

Top 5 reasons to love you hometown-
1. The perfect weather all year round
2. Friends
3. Family
4. Spots
5. Ladies

Top 5 events you have been to in the past year-
1. King of the animal house.
2. Simple sessions
3. T mobile contest in Berlin Germany
4. X games, cuz of the wild parties
5. Toronto jam

Top 5 movies-
1. Inglorious bastards
2. Sid and Nancy
3. The hangover
4. Funny people
5. Avatar in 3D

Top 5 junkfood choices-
1. Jack in the box 
2. Jalepeno poppers
3.$0.99 pizzas at vons
4.grandito microwave burritos
5. Spicy pork rines

Top 5 video parts-
1. Van, criminal mischief
2. Chris Doyle, system 
3. Josh harrington, end search
4. Garret Reynolds, Nike vid
5. Danny Hickerson, empire 

Top 5 things to do when traveling with Mike Spinner-
1. Watch him eat cheese pizza and only cheese pizza
2. Have him take us to awesome clubs in Florida
3. Listen to all his wild jokes
4. Meet his crazy Florida friends 
5. Go to casinos

Top 5 awesome things-
1. Riding bikes
2. Living in San Diego
3. Getting wild with all my friends 
4. Mexican food
5. Having fun all day everyday 

Photo By Joey Cobbs

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