5’s With Catfish

top 5’s WIth Zack Yankush!

If you are involved in BMX, and you haven’t heard of Zack “Catfish” Yankush, you have likely heard him, on the Television, and over a loudspeaker at one of many high Profile events. Here’s a few with Zack…

Name-Zack Yankush
Age- Somewhere between 22-37
Years riding-22
Sponsors-DK Bicycles, Nike 6.0, Monster Energy, Fox, Arnette Sunglasses, Nooka Watches

Top 5 deviations of your nickname-

1. Catpiss
2. Catshit
3. Catdog
4. Catdick
5. Grandpa

Top 5 Overall Riders in the history of BMX-

1. Kevin Jones
2. Mat Hoffman
3. Rick Moliterno
4. Chase Gouin
5. Dave Mirra

Top 5 travel destinations-

1. Hawaii/Tallinn
2. Estonia/ Shanghai
3. China/ Monaco
4. Xenia Ohio
5. Southern California

Top 5 travel companions-

1. Brian Kachinsky
2. Brian Hunt
3. Dane Beardsley
4. Quinn Semling
5. Rooftop

Top 5 reasons to love Lou Bickel-

1. He’s doing it for Albert street
2. He’s awesome on a bike
3. Best bodyguard/friend on the earf
4. He had a twisted sister tattoo on his foot that he got when he was like 13. After a long time of people making fun of him- he removed it with a belt sander.
5. The number one reason to love Lou Bickle. -One time we were street riding and we rolled up to a church. They were having some kind of meeting but Lou didn’t care. He walked up to the front doors, pulls them both open and at the top of his lungs he yells ‘Does Jesus run this motherfucker HELLLL YEAH’ and then we ran.

Top 5 events you have Emcee’d-

1. Simpel Session
2. Empire of Dirt
3. Nora Cup with Bill Allan (Cru Jones) AND Stephan Murray on the same stage
4. Bikes over Baghdad Tour in Iraq
5. X games

Top 5 movies-

1. Rad
2. Monsters of Suburban Highlife
3. Trend video
4. Aggroman
5. 101 freestyle tricks part 2

Top 5 Conspiracy Theories-

1. Chem-trails (systematic population control)
2. The Haarp project (Caused the Haiti earthquake)
3. 9/11 (if you don’t think it was an inside job I hope a plane flies into you)
4. The power elite (Zeitgeist the movie WATCH THIS)
5. The Annunaki (this is your Jesus Christ)

Top 5 things to do in las vegas-

1. Shoot uzis
2. Last 4 letters of my last name
3. Ride Anthem
4. Wheel of Fortune slot machines
5. Wear a kangaroo suit.

Top 5 Awesome Things-

1. BMX
2. Friends
3. laughing
4. nudity
5. Life.

Kangaroo suit.. Vegas!

Lee Sizemore

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