10 photos with Chad Kagy

X Games Gold medalist, and celebrity stunt man, Chad Kagy has been a part of a group of “entertainers” doing shows for troops in Iraq, called Bikes Over Baghdad.

These 10 photos by Chad share part of that experience, and it is unique for sure.

"A Positive" - Your blood type needs to be displayed on you in case something were to go wrong. They even like to have our blood type on file as entertainers.

Apache Chopper" - the most deadly helicopter ever built was under maintenance and we got to tour the chopper. Even got to sit in the pilots seat, not much room to move around but then again it wasn't built for comfort.

"Bike Rack C-130" - We have a few transports between bases flying in C-130 airplanes so we strap all the bikes to one pallet and all our bags and boxes of product for the troops on another pallet. It has the ability to be a wild ride if you convince the pilots they should show you what the plane can do, so much fun to float off the floor for about 4 seconds... ha ha.

"Feeble Drew" - Drew B. found a short feeble grind in the back of Saddam's Ba' ath House that had no run up and as soon as you land had about 3 feet to stop before falling in the manmade ces-pool of a lake. We were told it takes 17 shots of vaccinations to clean you up if you fall in.

"Fuck Saddam" - This is the last known standing portrait of Saddam still in Iraq since all the rest were destroyed by the people after we took him out of power. We stopped by to pay our "respects" and I think I made it pretty clear what I was thinking.

"Kickflip in Baghdad" - We were able to convince the military to let us find some street spots on the base and got to ride the Flinstones Village. It's a replica of the only TV show Saddam allowed to air in his country from America and gave this facility to his grandkids after having their fathers killed. Billy Rohan found a spot on the roof to kickflip and not fall 30 feet to the bad water below.

"Palace Destruction" - Self Portrait inside one of Saddams palaces that was partially destroyed in the last war. Odd fact about this scene is that the stairs are different sizes and in a pattern that Saddam had for all his palaces. If an attacker was after him he could run up the stairs but those chasing him would trip on the random sized steps. Dude was crazy!

"request denied" - We were asked by the crew of this Apache Chopper to sign the hellfire missile so we added to what was already there... "Facebook Friend Request DENIED!"

"restricted" - We got approval from the Mayor of Camp Slayer to tour the giant palace.

"Wessel Ziggurat" - This may be the only time during out Bikes Over Baghdad tour that Nate Wessel had a chance to sit down and relax for a minute. Pretty amazing being on top of the Ziggurat outside the wire with a large military escort. Once in a lifetime experience for sure.

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