Harry Leary Turbo

In 1988 I bought a Harry Leary Turbo off this kid for $50. It was brand-new, he got for his barmitzvah and didn’t didn’t even know what BMX was. I raced it once and bent the cranks right off it and took out the whole gate except one guy. I made it into a freestyle bike and entered 2 or 3 AFA contests on it, with one Moto mag on the back, a tuff wheel on the front and a whole bunch of bad pegs. I eventually threw it in the trash. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a guy who restores Bikes and he knows somebody overseas who bought one for over $25,000.
When I got the bike from the kid it was right out of the box and never ridden I should have left the bike up in my attic…- Ray Schlechtweg

Lee Sizemore

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