Top 5’²s with Reggie Styles

Name- Reggie Styles ( Real Name- Shane Hall)

Age- 40

Years riding- Off and on since 1984, mostly on.

Location- Ft. Myers Florida, But Indianapolis is home!

Top 5 Riders of all time –
Dennis McCoy,
Mat Hoffman,
Colin Winkelmann (RIP)
Joe Rich
Scotty Yoquelet
Bonus- Jimmy Levan

Reggie and a painting he did, at the Fathouse circa 1994, photo Tim The midget.

Top 5 Spots-
The Fat House
The Ravine
The Flow
Solutions Ramp Park

Any street spots while traveling.

Old School Style.

Top 5 Bands-
Black Sabbath
Skinny Puppy
Dark Lotus
The Doors

Reggie and longtime friend Rob Brown.

Top 5 bros to ride with-
Rob Brown
FBM team
Rich Hoppe

Abubabacas. Plural.

Top 5 places traveled –
Anywhere on the road!

Reggie in that Fat House days…

Any Shout outs?
Kelly Baker, Crandall, Rob Brown, The Fat House players, Josh Orr, all the Indiana riders, and every one still shredding!

Rob Brown.

Bonus- How many times have you done acid?
Too Many Times to count (at least 1000 hits)

Weirdest trip?
The time I called the cops on myself because I thought I was going to die!

Least Most

Focused on bikes, music, art, adventure and the overall pursuit of good times.