Spring Break with Dean Dickinson

Here in the Northwest the winter has been a long and damp period. Usually the ‘dark season’ really gets me down… But this year I’ve been able to focus on a few creative projects without getting my ‘shralp on’. From August of 2010 until Spring Break of this year BMX has been out of commission due to my foot and ankle fractures. Footjob!!! With months of physical therapy and the support from my friends and family I was back on the horse. He! He!

Recently, my roommate Roman Tencza and I hit the road to California in search of some adventure during SPRING BREAK. Yeaaaaaah babe!!! Roman studies acting at PCC and I’m a part-time recreational teacher at an elementary school in Southwest Portland. We both had time off from school so we decided to head south. California’s weather conditions weren’t much better than Portland’s but we were still able to sneak in some killer sessions. Riding, dancing, and partying! As Roman would say, ‘killer boots!’ Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip a memorable one. Keep on party time!

Dean Dickinson

Here are some photos that I snapped with my point and shoot digital camera:

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