Dillon Leeper -New England Gallery

Photo’s From FBM’s Field Trip to New England shot by Dillon Leeper

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John Corts: bank to bank table

image copy 3

Kyle Hibbard: turndown boost

image copy 4

Shane Leeper: one footed xup

image copy 5

John Corts: barrier feeble

image copy 6

Dillon Leeper: bar air, Photo: Shane Leeper

image copy 7

Dillon Leeper: table air

image copy 8

Shane Leeper: double kinker

image copy 9

Kyle Hibbard: foot plant table

image copy 10

Kyle Hibbard, Chris Hancock, Bryan Tarbell, Webster Jake, Dylan Cole, Shane Leeper

image copy 11

Dillon Leeper: footjam whip- Photo: Bryan Tarbell

image copy 12

John Corts: bar air
image copy

John Corts: over ice


Shane Leeper: bar air

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.