Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.

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Public Schools

My friend Mr B. was a school teacher in a questionable area in Brooklyn, the picture of the loose leaf paper is one of his ... read more

From the web

Jackson spotted this one over at Digmore, Build your own fun! wow! read more

April Twentieth

This dumpster is filled with Irony. Pothead... read more

“dad, explain?”

Mat Hoffman, and a Gwar fallace... I got the following email today, I felt like I needed to share this one! - "yo crandall, my daughter, gianna, ... read more

Vacation Forever.

Christian is a loud mouth, shit talking little son of a bitch that can really get under your skin if you let him. He can ... read more

30 minute Zac Costa Gallery

I shot all these photos, with two different Nikon Cameras of Solid Bikes' Zac Costa on sunday afternoon, in passing, within roughly 30 minutes. Zac ... read more

Sexy Crimes-ROAD SODAS TOUR 2011

Joel Control, and Cassady Fernandez-Law and Order SVU Sexy Crimes and Sports Bar, out of this world tour, starting tomorrow! APR 14th - Cous Cous - Richmond ... read more

Zac Costa

Costa, with an Absurd Gap. Zach Costa, the un-official King Cobra, doing it for Solid Bikes... More pics soon! read more

Getting Sick in Duck N.C.

On a whim, and in a moment or two's notice, I accepted a midweek invite to ride motorcycles, from Richmond Va. nearly 200 miles, to ... read more

On the grip

Defgrip has an awesome bit with BF, in the usual line up of great content over there... check it out! read more

Fantastic photo

Amazing fullpipe shot, seen on Good Problem. Jeesh! read more

Mouse traps to Athens…

It was early spring 2006, and some friends and I were in a rented RV, leaving cold NY, heading south.... The first part of the ... read more