This ol’ box

Damon Wayans at his finest. Classic character from In Living Color

Posted May 7, 2010 by D.B. Cooper

Defiance Ohio

New 11-song album will be released on LP/CD via No Idea Records on July 6th 2010.

Sneak peek Here!

Posted May 6, 2010 by Steve Crandall

Prototype FBM Dog Sidehack

On second thought, maybe dog sidehacks are the next big thing. They’re definitely cooler than doggie strollers.

Posted May 5, 2010 by Derek Adams

Sidehack For Dogs

This is pretty retarded. I bet you can buy one of these at Interbike if you disagree.

Posted May 5, 2010 by Derek Adams

Crenshaw Mafia

Mcgoo, of Biltwell, Chop Cult, and Snafu fame sent over this press release, about some big wheeled hellride bikes…-


Steady lurkers on the SNAFU Facebook and website have no doubt seen my rambling tomes to all things new, improved and high-tech.

Well, this July I will be heading to Taiwan to inspect production on SNAFU’s Crenshaw and Hawthorne UDJ MTB’s, our humble brand’s first foray into full-stop bikes for full-sized riders. As fun bikes go, I’m as proud of these machines as any in my career. Erik Westergaard at Bulletproof Concepts and SNAFU MTB pro Mike Montgomery provided invaluable input during both bikes’ development, and we couldn’t have created these machines without them. Thanks, gentlemen.

The MSRP $1,299 SNAFU Crenshaw and $999 Hawthorne UDJ MTB’s are built on the same SNAFU Crenshaw Project frame.

This chassis features small-diameter straight-gauge 4130 chromoly tubing with an externally butted seat mast, butted and tapered rear stays and a CNC-machined 4130 chromoly head tube for integrated headsets. Braze-ons include removable T/T cable guide/stops leading to a set of removable U-brake bosses on the underside of the seatstays, plus the standard battery of hydro cable guides leading to the rear disk caliper mounts on the left rear dropout. Said dropouts are laser-cut 6mm 4130 chromoly. The weight of the frame only is 2.69k/5.8 lb. This is a laudible accomplishment for a full-featured rigid freeride MTB frame.

In a nod to SNAFU’s freestyle roots, the Crenshaw Project frame also features removable cable stops on the head tube for setting the bike up with a cable detangler. This is in fact how the Crenshaw complete bike comes stock, and SNAFU’s C-lever, Mobeus detanlger and UDJ-specific top and bottom AstroGlide cables control the Tektro Lyra mechanical rear disk brake. The SNAFU Crenshaw is the first complete UDJ MTB to come equipped with proven SNAFU freestyle brake accessories, and this spec makes the Crenshaw superbly well suited for progressive trail and street riding.

No conversation about handling and performance would be complete without mentioning geometry. The Crenshaw Project frame measures up as follows:

T/T length – 22.5″
H/T angle = 72°
S/M angle = 72°
BB height (center to ground with 457mm long/3″ travel fork) = 12.75″
Chainstay length (center to center) = 15.5″
Wheelbase = 40.125″

The combination of a short rear end, spacious front compartment and steep head angle, comparatively speaking, makes the Crenshaw and its stablemate a balanced bike for manuals and an able carver on trails and tarmac. In short, it handles like a oversized BMX machine, which in the age of brakeless bikes with one-inch-long seatposts isn’t a bad thing.

Posted May 4, 2010 by Least Most

On the web

Some great shots by Nuno Oilviera of Dean Dickinson’s Pink Motel Pool Party, seen over on Defgrip. Definitely worth the look!

Posted May 3, 2010 by Lee Sizemore

Hand Job

Zack Gerber- parking lot swap meaty paw!
Cruise over to FBM to see some wild weekend pics…

Posted May 3, 2010 by Least Most

Dead Reckoning

Going to a funeral is easily one of the creepiest experiences any of us will ever have to go through. I’ve never been able to understand what sort of comfort a family member or friend would get upon viewing the lifeless remains of a former companion, cold and clammy, stuffed in a fancy box before meeting its final destination, six feet under in a random countryside plot. However, if I had to choose a lasting mental image for my survivors to carry with them for the rest of their lives, being perched upon a sportbike beats the alternative.

Posted April 28, 2010 by Brien Kielb

London Pirate Frequencies

Here’s one more VBS video while I’m at it. Their documentaries are always put together so well. I really dig this one about pirate radio stations in London. Now that we have the ability to access millions of songs on the internet, it’s crazy to think about how far we’ve come.

Posted April 28, 2010 by Derek Adams

More Spike

This may be old news if you check regularly, but this video highlight’s the mind-boggling amount of work that went into Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are”. Spike, of course, is everybody’s favorite BMXer turned major movie director. That’s why this comment over on vbs made me laugh, “It was amazing how they made it look so real. He’s a skater by heart and my favorite director.”

Posted April 28, 2010 by Derek Adams

The Ergs

Holy Shit is there nothing the Ergs couldn’t do. 5 fast pissed as shit hardcore songs that school 80% of the bands out there. These songs came from a secret vault of never released Ergs stuff that had been recorded over the years with some of it being 7 years old, hopefully they release Ergs Ready to Die next. Fans of the Ergs Catalog and early 80′s hardcore should pick up this record.- Curtis Grimstead

The Ergs
Trash Compactor 7″
Grave Mistake 2010

Posted April 27, 2010 by Least Most

From The Web

My buddy Stephen runs a blog called Unskilled Labor out of Knoxville, TN. Stephen is a BMX rad dad, helping document his local scene while raising a family of 4 kids & working full-time. He sent in a shot of Tim Lewis from a local birthday jam at the trails:

Posted April 27, 2010 by Brien Kielb